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Worldbuilding inspiration

One of the things I’m always on the lookout for is inspiration for my worldbuilding. It can be anything from a word, sentence, newspaper article, or pictures. Todays inspiration comes in the form of the latter; pictures I took while hiking today in the Norwegian mountains.

The area we’re currently in has given me so much inspiration for one of the continents in my fantasy world. Hovden is a mountain village in the Norwegian mountains, and it is absolutely amazing. Today we hiked the Hartevassnuten trail (the short route), which started off steep as fuck for about 1-1,5 kilometers (so almost a mile), and then levelled out around the to of the mountain and back down again.  

For a fantasy setting, these are the trails you cannot traverse by horse. They must we walked, and if you do not watch your step, you may just end up twisting an ankle, or worse. The wet marches you find on the top can mean water, if you can find where it runds down the mountain. Driking the still water would not be recommended. And let’s not forget the bugs. Cause trust me, there were a lot of bugs.

If anyone finds inspiration in these pictures, you’re more than welcome to save them, and share as well if you want. If you share them, a link back here and a quick comment below would be appreciated, but not required. I took these to inspire myself, and wanted to share this amazing nature, in hopes that someone else might find it equally as inspiring.

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