Nanowrimo Progress Update #2

There was supposed to be a progress update last week, but I was so far behind, I had to focus on actually getting some writing done. Also, I forgot. Anyway, here it is, my second progress update. With five days left on the clock, not counting today as I am done writing for the day, I am 11,640 words away from 50k. So still behind, but not nearly as far behind as I was a week ago.

One of the things I’ve done this week, is finish plotting the novel. I now know where it’s going to end. Which is soon, cause guess who’s suddenly writing another series. Oh yes, this girl right here! OK, so I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise, as I’ve stated before that this will be getting a sequel. But that was intended as a new story set in the same universe. Not a continuation of the same story.

Thing is, as I’ve been writing this month, the original idea that I had two years ago no longer worked for me. I wanted to change things, so I did. And in doing that, I realised that this either had to be at least a two-novel arch, or one really long book. Like really long! There is just so much more to this story that I first thought, and I don’t want to compromise in order for it to fit into one single novel. I want to let it be what it wants to be. Because anything else just doesn’t work anymore.

I already have the start of the next book in my head, and a working title, Unleashed. That will probably change though, but for now I guess it stays. A working title is, after all, just what the label says.

In a nutshell

Words written before today: 34,102
Word written today: 4258
Total words remaining: 11,640
Current total word count: 38.360

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