January Progress Update (Q1)

We’re a month into 2018, and it’s time for a progress update. How am I doing for far? Am I sticking to my goals as best I can, or am I already screwed?

Editing TAO

My editing goal for this quarter is minimum 1 hour of editing each week. Looking back on my tracker in my Bullet Journal (which is awesome for keeping on top of things btw), I’ve had good weeks, and I’ve had bad weeks. Since I’ve only been tracking my progress since week two, I can only summarize for three weeks in this update. This is of course because I didn’t get my goals figured out until the end of week one. But for the remaining three weeks, this is how much time I spend editing:

Week 2 – 0 hours
Week 3 – 4 hours and 10 minutes
Week 4 – 40 minutes

That is a total of 4 hours and 50 minutes spend editing in January. With a weekly goal of 1 hour, I am 50 minutes ahead of schedule at the start of February. That feels pretty good.

Now, that might now sound like a lot of time spent editing, but in terms of chapters, it’s telling a whole other story. Because in the past month, I’ve managed to edit 7 chapters! Which is pretty amazing, and it giving me great hope for the rest of the quarter.

Tracking the editing progress in my Bullet Journal.

Worldbuilding for the Fantasy Series

There has been a slight confusion in my head this month, where worldbulding for both this and the Remnants universe has been tracked the same way, and therefore it’s been a little hard to keep track on. I’m gonna have to find a way to make this work, as adding yet another tracker for something in my BuJo is out of the question. And yes, Bullet Journal takes too long to write, so yay for shortening it with something other that BJ (for obvious reasons).

However, I have worked on the fantasy series, and although not all my worldbuilding has been about that, we’re going to ignore that for January, and just call worldbuilding worldbuilding, and get to the numbers already.

Week 2 – 30 minutes
Week 3 – 50 minutes
Week 4 – 50 minutes

The goal for January is 2 hours of worldbuilding for the fantasy series. In total, I have been worldbuilding for 2 hours and 10 minutes. And that my friends, is 10 minutes ahead og schedule! Oh yes.

Here’s to hoping I’ll stay head once I actually start counting the correct type of worldbuilding.

The Rough Outline for Unleashed

I’ve gotten a good head start on this. The first few chapters are completely outlined, which means I’ve done a more detailed job than I had planned, but it had to be done. These are the ideas that are already in my head, the ones who refuse to let go. The ones I need to get written down before I forget, and consequently drive myself insane trying to remember again.

Because I’ve been getting into more details that I had planned, I still have quite a lot of work left on this though. So I’ll have to try to stay focused for the next two months, and not get ahead of myself. The details will come, but for now, I just need to know where the story is going in the first place.

I have a fourth goal this quarter, to get started on writing a query letter for practise. I’ve been thinking about this, but nothing is written down as of yet. I still have plenty of time though, and I imagine as I continue editing TAO, writing this will become easier.

All in all, I have to admit I feel like things are finally going my way. I am struggling with finding the time to do any of this, even more now than before as I am struggling with exhaustion as well (long story, lots of doctor stuff, probably boring so let’s not go there).

But maybe that is why things are good. Because now I know that just ten minutes here and five minutes there adds up, and I don’t need to have the time or energy to sit and write or worldbuild for several hours straight in order to get things done.

So that’s what I’ll continue to do. And we’ll see in a month how things are going.


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