Q1 Results 2018

The first quarter of 2018 is behind me, and it’s time to have a look and see how that went. First, let’s do a quick recap of what I was supposed to focus on in Q1.

The Q1 Goals

  1. Editing TAO
  2. Worldbuild for the fantasy series
  3. Write 1st Query for TAO
  4. Rough Outline for Unleashed

For goals 1 and 2 I had a time-based goal, which seemed to be the way to go. Goal number 3 was only the first draft, a way to get started on the query, which I knew would need multiple rewrites before it was done. As for goal number 4, it was a way to harness my brains desire to write Unleashed now, and get down what is actually going to happen, so I can use that when working on building that world as well.

The Results

So, how did I do? Not too bad really. The progress posts along the way has covered most of it, so I won’t go into too much detail here.

  1. Editing TAO : Goal number one went better than I had expected. I had a goal of editing 1 hour every week, which it turned out was actually quite low. I ended up finishing editing by the end of February, which meant this was the first goal I finished!
  2. Worldbuilding for the fantasy series : This one I got a bit mixed up during January, and counted any and all worldbuilding. Which in truth would probably have been a better goal, as in February and March I didn’t really do much worldbuilding at all. I’m probably going to have to have this as a main goal for me to be able to focus fully on it, as I realise my brain won’t always cooperate if I am trying to do this as well as major work on any of my other projects in different genres. So basically, I didn’t manage to reach my goal of worldbuilding 30 minutes each week.
  3. Write 1st Query for TAO : I finished this at the end of March, meaning I can mark another goal for Q1 as finished. It still needs a lot of work, but the first draft is done.
  4. Rough Outline for Unleashed : I got this done in March. While it is still not the finished outline, as I have realised some things will have to go differently, it is a good start. With what I have now, I can start working on a more detailed outline later.

What I Learned

Setting short-term goals seems to work a lot better for me. As I am now finally able to understand why I am struggling with exhaustion, I can also figure out how to work with my problems, as opposed to trying to ignore them and hope they go away. I am suffering from depression. I still have no idea why, and I know there is no quick fix for this. But I won’t let that stop me.

I also realised that I need to keep my main focus on one project, and instead have other goals that I can work towards, but that will not require me to switch focus completely between two projects every week. That may have worked for me in the past, but it will no longer work, and I need to admit that, and move on.

I’m still trying to narrow down my Q2 goals, but should have those posted within a few days. And who knows, maybe I’ll even start blogging about other things as well. As opposed to so far this year, which has been all about my goals. Only time will tell.

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