Goals for Q2 of 2018

These should have been posted two weeks ago, but I have to admit I’ve taken a bit longer than I had planned to figure out what I actually want to focus on for the next three months. One goal was obvious, but aside from that I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. Or what I should do. And, most importantly, how much I should really require of myself right now.

So for the second quarter of 2018, I’m not going to push myself, but instead give myself decent goals that I know I can do. I also learn from my mistakes, and will keep the focus on just one of my main projects. With that in mind, these are my goals for Q2.

#1 – Win Camp Nano

I’ve tried – and failed – so many times. So this time around, I’m just going to go for it. You can set your own goals, and I’ve set it at a very doable 8000 words. Sure, it’s not even close to my November goals, and usually I would try to push myself. But I know that even though this might not seem like much, right now, it’s massive. I will allow myself to reduce it to 5000 works if I have to. Because this goal is not so much about the words, but the feeling I get when I accomplish something. That feeling I need right now. So 8000 is the dream, 5000 is acceptable.

#2 – Keep on reading

I’ve been struggling to find time to read for a while. Yet reading is something I love to do, and for a writer, reading is like research. So, I’ll make it a Q2 goal, to keep on reading. The goal is this:

Read 2 books each month
Listen to 1 audiobook each month.

That second one might sound easy, but as I am still not back to work, I don’t have my commute of 1 hour plus each day to listen to my audiobooks. So I’ll have to find for this. But it’s fun, and I have several greats books in my Audible Library, just waiting for me. However, if I read three books, but cannot finish an audiobook, I’ll accept that as well. Cause a book is a book after all.

#3 – Work on “Echoes”

I’ve realised that worldbuilding for this world goes hand in hand with working on the story itself. As I know the first book in the series will be needing a massive rewrite, I’m going to work on getting started with that this quarter. Any and all work counts here, be it actually writing, reading through and taking editing notes, worldbuilding, or rearranging the text in Scrivener to make editing easier. Any work is good work.

My goal is to spend 1 hour each week on this.

There you have it. Three goals this time. My main focus will be the fantasy series, as I am taking a much-needed break from TAO before the next round of revision. We’re already two weeks into April, but I’m not going to let that bring me down. Because I can do this. I know it.

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