New Year. New Opportunities

We’ve entered 2019, and typically this is when I review how I did the last year, and set some major goals for the next. Which, let’s be honest, are goals I usually don’t reach, and I can list a ton of reasons why.

I won’t be doing that this year. This time, I’ll do something different. I’ll still have goals, but this time, I want to focus more on how I plan on achieving those goals.

Last year was hell. In more ways than one. I surprised myself by actually winning NaNoWriMo, something I wanted to do, but deep down wasn’t so sure I’d be able to do. Because, well, the year had been hell. I was on full or partial sick leave for most of the year. I struggled with exhaustion, and still do to a point. Have had lots of tests at the hospital, making me thankful I live in a country with ‘free’ health care, so all I had to pay for was parking. Despite all those test, I’m still no closer to any answers as to why I got sick. Or why I still am sick, just not as bad as it was a year ago.

Even though I had three months when I didn’t work at all, I still couldn’t get anything written. Because I didn’t have the energy, and my brain couldn’t focus. Every time I tried to write, it just didn’t work. As the energy slowly came back, so did my focus, and that along with a stubbornness I am grateful for, helped me win NaNo. Because not winning wasn’t an option.

As I start working full-time again, because I have the energy now, thankfully, I also hope I’ll be able to start writing again on a more regular basis. But I know I can’t be pushing myself. I need to take it slow, and let my body decide when it can write, and when it just needs to sit down with a good book and relax.

With that in mind, I know I can’t have too many goals. After all, the point is not planning myself to death. So I figure, three is a good number.

Finish the first draft of Unleashed

This was the 2018 Nano-novel. At this point, I’m probably about 60%-75% done with it. My goal is to finish writing this by the end of October. Basically, I don’t want to make it my 2019 Nano project. I have a pretty good idea where this is going, with a lot of it planned in detail already. Which means if I get in one good day or writing every week, I should be able to finish in schedule without problem.

First round of revisions for Remnants

I’ve already started to prepare this. The first round of revisions will focus mainly on fixing the plot. I started writing this without much of an idea where it was going. Now that I have that, there are some things that needs to be changed. Because I’m not going to tackle everything in the first round, it shouldn’t be a major project.

Prep “Echoes” for revision

Having read through parts of this already, there are so many things that have changed along the way. Way back when I wrote this, years ago, I was pretty much worldbuilding as I wrote. Which, as it turns out, was not very smart. I wanted to get the story out, and in a way I’m glad I did, as finishing this made me realise I truly want to do this. Write for a living. Even if that is a dream I probably won’t be able to live for at least another ten years. But it has left me with a lot to fix. So instead of trying to start on the much-awaited second draft, I’m going to start prepping for it. Read through the first draft. Find out what needs to go, where I need to focus my worldbuilding next, and where the major plot-holes lie. It’ll be a lot of work, so I am not expecting I’ll finish in 2019. I’m still gonna try though.

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