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The importance of inspiration

One of the things I have learned over the last year is just how important it is to find inspiration in the things around you. While struggling with how my own body and mind kept working against me as I tried to do anything creative, I found that even if I could not actually write something, the stories themselves didn’t die. They were still so vivid in my mind, I just couldn’t write them down.

One of the things that kept be going was Moya. Having to care for something, having a routine, it kept me moving forward. She might just be a tiny dog, but this past year she was my lifesaver. She kept me sane, kept me going, and helped my mind from being overtaken by darkness and despair. One of the things that helped the most, was our daily walks. Not just round the block, or up and down the street as there aren’t really blocks here. We tried new walks, went hiking, and visited family across the country and went for a walk there. Being outside in nature was calming. Be it round the lake outside my appartment complex, along the old post road by the lake on the other side, hiking on one of the many mountains surrounding Bergen, or playing on the beach while visiting family in Vestfold.

Moya by the lake
Moya by Gåssansvatnet, Søfteland, Norway

It all gave me time to reflect. And more importantly, it inspired my creative mind not to give up or give out, but to keep going. To find inspiration in a mossy tree, and great view, and four legs sprinting over dirt roads.

Looking back now, I’ve been finding inspiration in the things I see for years, as I am sure every other writer does as well. But it took this past year for me to appreciate just how much my creative self relies on this inspiration. With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the things that inspire me in some way or another. So I decided to re-organize my website. Stray away from the rigid setup I once thought I needed to reach my goals. It didn’t work for me. So why though it out when I have so many other options available to me?

Mossy trees with the sun shining through them
Inspirational mossy trees.

I want to be more personal. Not pretend I have all the answers, pretend I don’t sometimes sit down and struggle with whether or not I will ever get to the point where I feel I am done revising and ready to start querying. I think every writer has those moments, some of us more than others.

So I guess this is the new me. Starting with a personal post in which I do not state a single writing goal, and the creation of a new section, Writing Inspo. A place for me to share some of the pictures I have taken over the years, from places that in some way inspire me. Some might be useful, others might seem pointless. But if one person can find some inspiration is even just one single pictures I post here, my mission is a success. I’ve got a lot of pictures to rummage through, and research to remember what the hell I was actually taking pictures of, so for now it’s a pretty small inspirational gallery. You never know though, maybe what I have now is all it takes to fuel someones creativity. Then everything else will be a bonus!

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