Remnants is a post-apocalyptic science fiction project that started as a writing exercise. I was planning on sharing the story on Wattpad, as using it as an example as I worked on my editing skills. Somewhere along the way it grew from a single short story to something more, and I decided I needed to give it some more attention. So, it became my Nanowrimo project for 2015. Since then, I’ve continued writing on it, and am hoping to have the first draft finished in 2017.

The dreaded POV

Remnants is written in first person. I used to hate first person. I wasn’t a fan of reading it. I definitely wasn’t about to start writing in it. Then the first words of this story manifested themselves, and I realised that there was only one point of view that would make this story work.

I have memories that aren’t my own. Of crimson rain, and burning skies. I have memories of her. With golden eyes and pitch black hair, standing at the edge, looking down onto the scorched earth. Gun in one hand, someone else’s blood running down the other. She stood then as she does now, looking at something beyond my own field of vision. Without saying a word.

The words themselves have changed a little since I first wrote them down. The original is above, to show where it all began.

The characters

For a long time, my main character didn’t have a name. Heck, none of them did, except for one. Then his name came to me, and with some help from a friend another name came along. As this was first to be a short and fun project, I spent more time thinking of awesome names for spaceships than I did thinking of my main characters. I did know I wanted to use the D’s though. And I did.

The spaceships have awesome names by the way. I’m somewhat paranoid so I don’t want to share too much. But two names can’t hurt. My main character is Tryg Morgan, and he’s pretty awesome. There’s also a spaceship named The Spaceship. Because why not.

The Three D’s

These names came to me during Nanowrimo in 2010, and was originally put into my fantasy novel. Only one of the names really worked there, so I was left with two names I loved, and no place to use them. Then this story came along, and they fit in perfectly. Got a new third D as well, to replace the one I lost to another genre.

The Sequel

At this point, it’s looking like the story needs to be turned into two books. Otherwise I’ll have one long ass book on my hands, and trying to work out how to get everything to fit together just won’t be easy. I’m still not sure about this though, but unless things change drastically as I finish Remnants, there will be a sequel. Or, more like it’ll be a story in two parts.

The Prequel

Yeah, so my head also wants to write the prequel. What came before. A way to explain what happened to make the world Tryg now lives in. It’s mostly in my head, and may just end up being several short stories. I guess only time will tell if this will actually be written or not.