Worldbuilding is a massive part of my world right now, with three different projects that all require it in some form or another. Because of that, I’ve decided to set up this part of the site to help others, who like myself am trying to find my way through the maze that is worldbuilding and how to do it!

There is no one right way to worldbuild. A lot of the time, you start somewhere, and then try to get anywhere from there. But after a while, you realise it’s good to have a plan. After years of trying to figure out my own fantasy world for example, I’m still nowhere near finished. Mostly because I honestly don’t think I’ll ever truly be finished. One of the things I’ve learned along the way is that having a plan for your worldbuilding will help you imensely in the long run.

In the coming months I’ll be doing a series og blog post aimed at helping you get control over your worldbuilding. My way may not work for everyone, but hopefully it will in some way be helpful none the less.



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